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Varad Industries

Engineering Design

Our designing team deals with important aspects of technology, ergonomics, usability, human factors, material technology & qualities. Our designers are well versed with skills needed to bring fixtures from conceptual stage to market.
Our engineers' team design the fixure by concentrating mainly on the function, mechanism and also aesthetics, leading to approval of any kind of product assembly, maintaining quality in work and assuring on time delivery. Our team includes highly experienced and qualified design engineers for automatising the process. Mechatronics is our core strength. Our team consists of experts in designing of welding fixtures, CNC machining fixtures and Assembly Automation.

CNC Machining Fixtures

Machining fixture is all about accuracy, high productivity, repeatability, minimum possible time & ease of placing and removal of the part from the fixture. All the factors mentioned and many others are minutely taken care at the design stage.

We have highly experienced and skilled, designers and engineers who make the fixture right at first time. We guarantee the working of the fixture with required accuracy and surface finish.

We have worked on the fixture like Cylinder head, Block, Exhaust Manifold, Crank case,  Gear Box Housing. Other then these we have also developed the fixtures for various automobile and non automobile components.
Welding Fixtures
We are in designing as well as in manufacturing of the welding fixtures. Welding fixture is our core strength. Starting from the manually operated fixtures lines our team is capable to handle all kind of welding fixtures.
We started from the weld lines for two wheeler and now we have also stepped into the four wheeler. We are proud to say that we have worked for world wide renowned companies.
We have developed some fixtures for car seat assembly fixture, front seat checking fixture, rear seat checking fixture.
Press Tools
We are among the distinguished manufacturer and exporter of better-quality high precision press tools & pressed components. We engineer press tools in many designs and use top-grade raw materials during their manufacturing. These press tools are extensively used in several industrial applications in all engineering industries. These press tools are also applicable for manufacturing different parts of products and come in diverse sizes as per customer’s demand. Our engineers use latest technology while making deep draw press tools which find many usages in automobile and allied industries.
We manufacture press components / blanks with sheet metals of thickness from 0.2 mm to 6 mm by using power press and press tools. These components are widely used by OEMs in automobiles  & other manufacturing companies. We use auto feeding techniques for manufacturing large volume of pressed component which leads to cost savings. Our outstanding range of pressed components includes:  plate locking, loop sling front, plate filler, plate lever lock, guard trigger, tube clamp, etc.
We have so far designed and manufactured the following products
  1. Welding fixtures and welding automation for  automobile industry.
  2. CNC Machining Fixture.
  3. Hydraulic and pneumatic operated component assembling fixtures.
  4. All Types of gauges (E.g. Relation gauge, Receiving Gauge, snip Gauge etc. )
  5. Press tools
  6. Precision machine components.
  7. Plastic Moulded Components.
Tool Room
VARAD has a full-fledged Tool Room equipped with the variety of machines and latest technology.

The Tool Room also has the back up of Mechanical Design Section and latest measuring instruments. It is fully equipped in modern machines It specialises in manufacturing of welding Fixtures, CNC Machining Fixtures,  and variety of precise engineering job work. We are able to process a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. We are specialised in manufacturing of complex Machined components that require excellent surface finish. We specialise in both traditional & conventional methods of machining to attain the competitive edge over the industry. With the latest use of technology, we can guarantee the accuracy and reproducibility and reliability of the fixtures. Our engineers are well versed to deliver high quality machining. At every step of machining we inspect the machined part and certify for the further operation to assure the '0' level of rework. We assure every Fixture/Machine to be successful in its first trial.


Our engineering team is fully equipped with precise and advance measuring instruments for complete mechanical inspection of any product, We believe in “Do It Right The First Time” Also our engineers grasp the nature of the product and all about it's fitments and functioning family parts that we are able to define the position of the products with standard dimensions. We measure all the profiles considering the true value of dimensions and then classify the measuring methods We have trained, skilled and experienced manpower to effectively exploit the available capacity to its fullest extent. We have a wide range of instruments with us to facilitate precise measurement of the jobs under inspection.

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